Hi I'm Cass

I live between the Sunshine Coast and Townsville in Queensland, Australia. I grew up in both the mountains of Canada as well as the coastlines of Australia. Which means I really love photographing people in stunning locations. Be that on your own property in the country, in your cosy home, out on a hinterland adventure, at your special coastal spot or even in the city streets, what ever your dream location is I’m there!

Lets create something raw, real and personal.

The way I shoot is laid back; I like to hang out and create with you, prompting and directing only if needed. My goal is to capture you in your truest form, feeling 100% yourself. I’m here to document your love story, to capture the big moments, the small and the raw moments people take for granted.
I’m looking for the crazy dancing and the gentle tucking of hair behind an ear. When you get your photographs I want you to be able to remember exactly how you felt about each other in the moment.

A little more about me

My love language is gift giving and acts of service which I think flows into my work.
I love anyone that laughs at my jokes, because I think I'm pretty funny.
I love my family, they are the reason I am who I am.
I’m married to the most supportive guy and I’m forever thankful for that.
If I had the space I would take home every stray dog I’ve come across but so far I’ve only had the space to bring home two, Oats and Logan.

Lets create something meaningful together.

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